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Organic Karuveppilai Leaves Podi in Chennai


It is classified as both a grain legume, and because of its high oil content and oil crop. As a legume, peanut belongs to the botanical family, Fabaceae, normally, peanuts are referred to as Nuts.

Available form:

1 Boundle 10 pls
1 pkt 100g(+ – 5 g)


  • Peanuts are similar in taste and nutritional profile to tree nuts such as walnuts and almonds.
  • Peanuts have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-aging properties.
  • In addition, they reduce its chances of waving a stroke.
  • Furthermore, peanuts promote the growth of males and further hormones.
  • As they are rich in Niacin, regular consumption of peanuts Protects against ALZHEIMER’S disease. plus, it worked as a tonic for the Nervous system and also improves bone health.
  • Having, Peanuts in moderation decreases obesity and lowers triglycerides. Morsel has monounsaturated facts that keep lower blood cholesterol levels. Plus, toasting peanuts increases P-coumaric acid levels. and on hancer their antioxidant content planets wear a flavonoid called restoration that improves blood flow in the brain.
  • Proudly we can assure Peanut or Kadalai for complete family health varieties is of snacks.
  • Peanut has folic acid in its richer value and also Pottasium, Phoserous, Iron, Krudalic acid and offer vitamins that cause pregnancy.
  • It stimulates its sperm increase in make and also egg level to its female body. Hence, its peanut causes its Pregnancy.
Natural Arugampul Powder Exporters in Madurai
Organic Karuveppilai Leaves Podi in Madurai

ELLU: (Sesame)

It is a flowering plant in the genus sesame also called Benne. The scientific name is Sesamum indium. White and Black colours will be available.

Available form:

1 Boundle 10 pls
1 pkt 100g(+ -5g)


Our Food Products are vagan, vegetarian, halal and gluteen free. Our aim is to bring is a brand with clean and purely natural products with zero chemicals.

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